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Sexy Relationship Coaching:
So that you can love yourself like your dog does.

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After studying chemistry and educational science and successfully pursuing a degree in education studies, Patricia decided to pursue her passion for psychology regarding matters of the heart.

As a relationship coach (certified with ICI, International Association of Coaching Institutes) she uses NLP methods (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to help you in all things love, whether you are looking to work on self-love or the love you have for other people.

Besides her systematic approach, her sense of humor and her efficiency, Patricia also has science on her side when it comes to helping you create the love life you have been craving.

Relationship coach, researcher and passion-chemist

11 interesting stages in Patricia's life on the way to becoming a coach and beyond:

2020: Self-coaching app VOY - Experience the best feelings.

Instead of looking for validation on the outside, activate the desired emotion on the inside - from the comfort of your phone:

2018-2020: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Office of the central women's representative: gender-equitable organizational development, diversity, pilot project "More women for entrepreneurship", coaching of women in leadership positions

2018: Businesscoach

Trainings on organizational development and more resources in companies together with Coach Ramin Raygan, aka Dr. Science and Mr. Experience

2017: Workshops on the "Modeling of Excellence" method

Fast learning of skills with the NLP master discipline at NLP-Zentrum Berlin

2016: Coach, ICI

Training as a coach at NLP-Zentrum Berlin according to the guidelines of the International Association of Coaching Institutes.

2015: NLP-Practitioner (incl. qualified assistance 2017) & NLP-Master

Training as NLP-Coach at NLP-Zentrum Berlin according to the guidelines of DVNLP e.V.

2012-2016: Team leader at the Institute for Quality Development in Education.

Conception, implementation and evaluation of science education standards for secondary level I.

2012: Scholarship for the University of Bergen

Stay abroad in Norway

2012: Doctoral degree (Dr. rer. nat.)

Assessment of argumentation about socio-scientific issues and analytic problem solving competence

2008-2012: Research assistant

Preparation of the doctoral thesis at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (chemistry, didactics)

2003-2008: Studies at the University of Bielefeld

Chemistry and pedagogy, tutor for courses at the Institute of Chemistry, training of teachers and students at teutolab-CHEMIE