What is life coaching?

Learn more about what coaching is. Here I provided answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • Is coaching right for me?

    Together with your personal coach you are working towards reinventing your life and reaching your goals. No matter whether you are dealing with lack of self-love, relationship trouble or need dating help – coaching even make problems seem sexy.

    Relationship coaching is right for you, if you are looking for solutions and are ready to take responsibility for your life. Reaching your goals with the help of feedback and support can be quicker than going at it alone.

  • Is coaching considered therapy or counseling?

    In short: No.

    Life Coaching ist not therapy and it also doesn’t replace it. This means anxiety, compulsive behaviors, addiction, depression and other illnesses are meant to be treated by doctors and therapists.

    Life Coaching ist not counseling in a sense that you are not getting a “roadmap” of exactly what to do. It is not technical advice that tells you each step to take. Instead, you and your personal coach are putting together an individual plan that is tailored to your goals. If desired, your personal coach may give you inspiration, tips and feedback, that you won’t be able to give yourself.

  • What does a coach do?

    A personal coach helps you find out how to improve your quality of life.

    Generally speaking: You are the expert for your own problems, as well as the right solution for them. A personal coach on the other hand is the professional that can assist with the process of implementing the solution. A personal coach supports you in developing and refining your solution. She or he helps you explore your potential, develop a vision and overcome challenges.

    Ultimately a personal coach is a mirror of the areas that you are unable to see on your own at the time.

  • What are the different topics coaching can help me work through?

    You can basically work on any area of your life. Whether you need help with confidence, or how to deal with other people or work-life balance. Patricia’s number one focus lays on making sure that you feel better at the end of the session.

  • How does a coaching session go?

    There is a short, no-obligation phone call that takes place beforehand, where the client clarifies his*her situation and the coach determines, if the topic is suitable for a coaching session.

    You are receiving an informational sheet that contains the written terms, such as the confidentiality agreement, etc.

    In the beginning, you and your personal coach are briefly getting to know each other.

    The coaching is holistic, which is why the first step is to gather information regarding your past, your goal and your motivation.

    Additionally we are evaluating you for possible blockages, for example, you may have inner (subconscious) limitation or hindering beliefs.

    Then it is time for the actual coaching conducted with different methods, tools and questions.

    In the end there might be a test to verify the effectiveness of the coaching.

    Often times there is „homework“, which is chosen by you and is meant to reinforce what you have learned during the sessions.

    After the third session there is a short evaluation, during which you can express your wishes to your personal coach in written form.

  • Do I have to be nervous before my coaching session?

    No. Since you are your own expert for your own issues, you are only going to go as deep as it’s comfortable for you. A good coach will never attempt to guide you into negative feelings on purpose. Everything that was talked about during a coaching session is confidential and won’t be made accessible to any third parties.

  • How often do you go to coaching sessions?

    Depending on the topic, you need anywhere between 3 to 5 sessions in order to thoroughly work through a topic. But usually the first session already brings noticeable improvements. The length of a session can vary depending on the individual person or topic. Generally everyone can decide for themselves how often they would like to come in for a session.

    To achieve consistent results for your life goals it is recommended to have a session every 2 – 3 weeks. One session usually lasts for 60 minutes, but it may go up until 90 minutes. This is based on your preference and on the ability to retain information. But since coaching “rearranges” a lot in your head, it is recommended that you allow yourself some rest after each coaching session. Don’t make any plans, just relax.

  • Where should coaching take place to be most effective?

    Coaching works best if you are somewhere where you feel comfortable and safe. Where that is, is up to you. Whether your session takes place at the comfortable coaching zone at your personal coach’s office or by phone or video chat. That totally depends on your preference and of course your willingness to travel. Effective coaching is possible with all three options.

  • Does coaching work? What is the current state of research?

    Coaching research is still a relatively young field of study and therefore there isn’t as much information out there. But in the meantime there are at least a few studies that have confirmed the positive effects of coaching.

    To make sessions particularly effective, coaching must do more than check the boxes for verbal and cognitive communication. It must also be based on emotions. If you want to make long-lasting changes on how you experience and live your life, you have to activate the limbic system of your brain, which is crucial for learning and feeling emotions.
    The NLP method is a proven technique from the area of psychology and is known to be very effective.

Coaching is sexy.
I want to experience it myself!